Monday, November 10, 2008

Charles, Learn From The Best - Fast

Hi Charles,

I can count on one hand the sites that I have actually
belonged to as a member...

One I would never cancel is Jimmy D. Brown's List And
Traffic membership site:

Jimmy's content is "cutting edge" stuff. It isn't rehashed
like most of the junk you see these days and the site is a
bargain for a measly 10 bucks per month.

Talk soon,

PS. This is one of the best investments I've made online....ever.

And it's not even close.

Take a minute and check it out.

No need for me to try and presell you on it.....just do me a
favor - click the link below and give it a look.

All I'll say is that you won't believe the amount of material
you get here for the price.

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Effortlessly Convert Your Visitors Into Paying Customers

Hi Charles,

If you want to be successful at Internet marketing you need
to make your site's visitors feel compelled to buy from you.

If they don't have a burning desire for what you offer, they
will usually leave your site and never return.

This article is going to reveal the keys to making people want
what you offer enough to buy it without hesitation.

Here are proven methods for creating desire for what you sell
in your visitors:

- Explain how your product will solve a problem that your
customers have.

This is a leading way to promote what you offer successfully.

Everybody has problems.

Your product needs to provide a solution to a specific problem
that a group of people have. You will get your audience's
attention when you describe how your product will solve the
nagging problem they've been dealing with. You should talk
about all of the wonderful benefits they will receive by using
your product.

Clearly spelling out benefits will always activate interest in
people. Only when a person is interested do you have a
chance to make a sale. Your job is to make your site'
s visitors feel a desire for what you offer.

You need to paint a picture in their head about how much better
their life would be once they have your product. The best way
to do this is by describing the rich benefits using your
product will produce.

People are after benefits, not features.

Features are important but it's the benefits those features
produce that make people buy. This is why it's so important
to stress benefits.

- Provide a great offer that people won't want to lose out on.

This is where many websites fall short.

They are successful in making people interested in their
product, but they fail to offer enough value to make their
offer worthwhile. It is critical that you offer huge
amounts of value to your customers. You need to make your
offer lopsided in their favor.

If you sell a product for $30.00 you should give people $150.00
worth of value. This increases the temptation to buy tenfold.

Nobody wants to miss the deal of the century. Offer excessive
value and watch your sales go through the roof.

You may be wondering how you could add so much value to your
offer and still turn a profit.

It's very simple.

Offer high quality information products as bonuses.

Targeted information has a very high perceived value. You can
create an ebook that relates to what you sell and tell people
it is worth $57.00. You have just added $57.00 of perceived
value to your offer at no additional cost to you.

You only have to create the bonus offers once and then you
can use them again and again. This acts as a powerful
motivating force in getting people to buy.

The two keys above are critical if you want your web traffic
to go crazy about your product. Implement them today and
watch your profits begin to soar.

Gabor Olah

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Charles, Are You Creating "Value"?

Hi Charles,

The way to be creative and different is by being 'yourself'...
really be yourself... talk like you would talk to a friend in
your emails and let 'you' come through in everything you do.

Most people are afraid to be 'themselves' because they might be
rejected... you have to get over that.. not everyone will like
you. Not everyone will be your friend either. That's life!

But...there will be enough people who will like you and those
are the ones that will stay with you over the years and be good

I get emails once in a while saying I 'suck' or worse... but I
also get emails from people who like what I say and what I teach.

Now, let me ask you: Should I be disappointed that some people
don't like me? No. That's literally their problem, not mine.

And, should I be feeding my ego every time someone says they
like what I do and congratulate me on a great newsletter or
info-product or whatever - again the answer is 'no'.

The bottom line is: You have to do what you feel is the most
benefit, the most help to your customers and subscribers and
listen to honest feedback, but ignore everything else.

That's the blunt truth. You have to be strong. You can't let a
little praise go to your head and you can't let a little blame
or dislike of what you're doing discourage you in anyway.

You have to be yourself and whenever negative or positive forces
try altering your path, you must ignore them and keep building
value and usefulness into everything you're doing.

Learn how to create VALUE... I'm talking about tangible,
functionable products and services that are REALLY USEFUL to
your prospects and customers. You create "value" by being
yourself and building a little piece of "YOU" into everything
you do.


Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"PLR Brainstorm Videos Series MRR (6 Videos) + Unique Bonus!"

Hi Charles,

I just uploaded PLR Brainstorm Videos
Series (6 Videos) with master resell
rights for you:
(I also added a UNIQUE bonus to the package ;)

"Here's How You Can Create High Demand
Quality Digital Products Without Spending
Thousands of Dollars and Countless Hours
Simply By Using Private Label Rights
Products and a Step by Step Easy to
Understand System...."


PS. If you're a Elite Member
then I'll upload this package to your download
area later this week.

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Monday, November 3, 2008

"PPC Powerhouse Video Series (25 Videos) + Unique PLR Bonus!"

Hi Charles,

I just uploaded PPC Powerhouse Video
Series (25 Videos) with master resell
rights for you:

"If You Are Not Using the Power of Pay
Per Click to Turn Traffic Into Sales You
Are Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity..."


PS. If you're a Elite Member
then I'll upload this package to your download
area later this week.

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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F.ree Report - How To Create $50-$200+ Products

Hi Charles,

Today I have a free special report for you:

This report talks about creating $50-$200 information products
from the ground up by creating a series of closely related small
reports that sell for $7-10 each.


P.S. You may also sell or give it away if you like.

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Okay, but what's in it??"

Hi Charles,

We've been talking about how Ewen Chia's Super Affiliates program
is teaching new and seasoned marketers alike... to become SUPER Affiliates who sell obscene amounts of
products and make ridiculous (but highly enjoyable!) incomes!

So, what EXACTLY are you going to discover when you join Super

I can't reveal everything you'll get, but here's a small

MODULE #1: Your 120 Page 15-Step Top-Secret Super Affiliates
Exclusive Blueprint...

--How to make a fortune from other people's products from

--The exact same secret blueprint that has only been taught at
high-ticket offline workshops where students paid Ewen THOUSANDS
of dollars to learn this information...

--The EXACT info you need to start making real money online and
build a long-term super affiliate business...

--Your most lucrative approach to making a fortune...

--The ONLY "motivational" strategy you'll ever works
like MAGIC every time...

--Your TOP-SECRET STRATEGY to rake in unstoppable cash with your

--The EXACT steps to take starting from ground zero and working
your way up to Super Affiliate... NOTHING is left to chance!

--The no-brainer simple system to build your business RAPIDLY and
put your competition to shame...

--How to absolutely DOMINATE your markets...

--Why making money online is super SIMPLE...

--The BIGEST secret people overlook, and what it will do for YOUR
long-term success...

--How to use a FREE resource to blast your Super Affiliate
earnings sky high...

--How to find, select and "steal" profitable markets...

--Do this, and you can laugh at your "competition"...

--How to pump up your commissions...AUTOMATICALLY!

--And much much more!

This is just a small sample of what's revealed in this complete

As soon as you download Super Affiliates, your own super
affiliate business can be up and running in no time, and begin
flooding cash into your bank account faster than you ever thought

And that was just Module 1!

Here's MODULE #2: Super Affiliates Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

This set of over 50 Step-By-Step Videos covers everything you'll
need to know about the super affiliate business and works hand in
hand with module #1.

--New to the Internet? Don't even know what html is? It's okay!
These step-by-step videos will make everything super simple!

--How to have a thriving money-making business within days...

--Exactly how to create your website for free, even if you've
never built one before..

--How to choose a domain name that sets you up for tremendous

--How to set up, run and profit from your own blog...

--How to create your own ebooks and add money-making affiliate
links to them...

--How to upload your website, no technical skills required...

--How to manage your own cpanel. This vital skill is simple once
you know how...

--And MANY many more videos.

This library of videos is what you need to get past any fear of
the technical side of online business.

It's not hard (actually, it's pretty easy) but it can be
intimidating if it's new to you, or if you're not technically

Once you have these videos, all that fear and worry disappears FAST!

PLUS there are three MORE modules and TWO big bonuses, way too
much to list here.

Check it out for yourself...

And then grab your copy and be on your way to
becoming a Super-Affiliate yourself!


P.S. Okay, it all sounds great, but does it work?

I'll let these people answer...

"Unbelievable Content Here - OUTSTANDING!"

"Ewen, This Is The BEST Deal I Have Ever Seen. . ."

"The BEST Product I've Ever Bought - Amazing!"

"Wow! What An Accelerated Start!!!!"

"This Stuff REALLY WORKS And I Got My First Sale!"

"This Is A Benchmark On The Net. . ."

"Real Information To Build A SOLID Affiliate Business!"

Want to see who these marketers are and what else they have to
say about Ewen's Super Affiliates?

Better yet, are YOU ready to become a Super Affiliate and start
raking in the commissions yourself?

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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