Friday, October 31, 2008

Charles, Secrets to Affiliate Marketing Success

Hi Charles,

Affiliate marketing on the Internet is possibly one of the
most lucrative means to making money there is.

Of course, you need a certain amount of knowledge in order to
make large commission checks.

The money will not start flowing in until you lay the groundwork
for your success.

This article is going to reveal four effective methods in setting
the groundwork for selling large amounts of affiliate products
without hassle.

- Start with great content.

Your website should offer content that is both relevant and
useful to your target market.

This will automatically inspire trust and respect with visitors.
This first step is critical. If you have a site that you
hastily throw together in order to make a buck, then you are
better off not getting involved in affiliate marketing.

People need to feel that you are respectable, trustworthy,
and able before they will listen to your suggestions. Your
content should prove your knowledge and experience and be of
great value to your visitors.

- Insert a soft sell of one or two affiliate products in the
course of your content.

A soft sell is exactly what it sounds like:

To softly, passively promote a product. You should avoid
sales pitch style promoting at all costs. This will turn people
off and make them want to leave your site.

Here's an example.

Let's say your content is about lawn care, and you are marketing
a fertilizer that does wonders for lawns. During the course
of your well-written content all you have to do is mention
the product and say that it has done great things for you.

That's it.

Anything else and you are getting into a sales pitch. Simply
insert a quick blurb about the product in an appropriate part
of your content and provide a link to the company that produces it.

- Promote at least three affiliate products at once.

It is important to diversify your affiliate products.

This ensures a much more stable income, because it is
produced by multiple sources. It is never a good idea to
put all of your efforts into promoting a single product.

This leaves you very vulnerable. If only one product is
bringing in your entire income what happens if the company
suddenly goes under or cuts the commission payouts in half?

It would be disastrous to your cash flow. You would be
left seeking out a new product and a new marketing scheme
for it. This can be very difficult, especially if your
whole site was geared toward promoting that one product.

If on the other hand, you have three or more affiliate
products regularly bringing in income it wouldn't be
near as big a concern if one of the companies went out of
business or cut down their payouts.

- Create a viral ebook loaded with affiliate links.

A viral ebook is basically a free ebook that is spread by
word of mouth. Viral ebooks are a great way to market
affiliate products. Suppose you create a viral ebook about
how to start an Internet business.

Place affiliate links throughout the book. There could be a
link to an autoresponder company, a web hosting company, and
anything else an Internet marketer would need to start a business.

If anybody clicks on the links within the book and buys one
of the products, you get a commission.

Everyone wins.

The person reading the book gets set up with great services,
the companies you promote get more business, and you make
loads of affiliate commissions. Viral ebooks can also help
to generate a lot of fresh traffic to your website.

Gabor Olah

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charles, Subscribers Only Very Special Discount!

Hi Charles,

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Gabor Olah

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 Free Reports That Could Explode Your Business

Hi Charles,

I have three pretty darn good reports for you:

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Enjoy and profit,

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Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
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Monday, October 27, 2008

New PLR And MRR Products Added!

Hi Charles,

I just added some new products to the members area.

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Gabor Olah
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Charles, Use Your Traffic to Make Money

Hi Charles,

I'm going to teach you a few ways to use your traffic
to make money. You need to squeeze every dollar out
of your traffic, that you can. You need to maximize
the money you make from your traffic.

I see a lot of people spending all of their time getting
all of this traffic to their web site. Well, that's a
great thing if you have your web site set up right,
if not, it can be a disaster.

I see so many people setting up a web site and putting
Google adsense on it. Then they just drive traffic to
it, they don't make enough money and before they know
it, they are back to their day job.

Their problem might not be that they didn't get enough
traffic. You must use your traffic to make money, properly.

You need to do more than just rely on adsense.

You need to experiment with both adsense and affiliate links.
Find out what works better and use that or if it works best
to do both, then do it.

Go ahead a create your own information products to sell. You
make all of the money from selling the product. I think that
this is better than having adsense or affiliate links on your
site, but different things work better for different people.

One thing that you absolutely have to do is start building your
mailing list.

The money is in the list and if you don't set up a place
on your web site for people to sign up for your list, you're
letting a lot of people leave without getting anything out of

They may not click on your ads or buy your product, but they
might sign up for your list. Why would they sign up? You
need to give them an incentive to sign up.

Write an information product and give it to them for free, if
they sign up. Run a newsletter where you send them a free issue
each month, if they sign up. If you don't want to do that,
then find a product that you can acquire and give away for

Another thing to keep in mind and another reason selling your
own product is so great is to make sure to have people sign up
for your mailing list before they download. You can give them
an option where they don't have to sign up to get your
product, but you will get a lot of people who will.

Go to and sign
up for an account and start building your!

Gabor Olah

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

People Buy For Their Reasons, Not Ours

Hi Charles,

I had a call recently from someone who said he's afraid to
market online because a lot of the information he wants to sell
is already available for free.

I have always said, and most experts agree, that, "People buy
for their reasons, not ours".

And that is true.

So how should we look at this problem with a winning attitude?

First, nothing EVER sells itself. Just because you have it on
your shelf or website, doesn't mean anyone will buy it. Even if
it's free, most people will treat it as 'free' and totally
under-value the information and possibly treat it as "worthless"
because they got it for free!


Listen carefully,


Got that? Read it again in case you flew by it and did not give
that sentence the respect it deserves.

Second, you better give your prospects EVERY REASON you can
think of to buy your product so they can pick the one's that
appeal most to them.

Third, NOTHING is really "FREE" anyway... (except maybe 'air').

Yes, there is a lot of FREE information on the Internet.

But, is it really FREE? Of course not.

In some cases it's already been paid for through advertising
dollars. In other cases it will still cost you TIME to search
for the information. TIME is even more valuable than money, if
you ask me- once it runs out you just can't make any more of it! can always make more money!

I suggested to my young inquirer that people value information
not just for the words alone, but also the way it is:

1. Delivered;

2. Formatted; and

3. Organized.

Some people like information delivered by ink on newsprint.

Some people like information delivered by sound waves from a
radio. Still others like to read information in magazines or
books or listen to information on audio tapes or read it on web

People like information delivered, formatted and organized in
many different ways, not just one or two.

The question he should be asking is: "Why should people buy my
information on the Internet, over all the other available ways
it's currently being delivered, formatted and organized?"

Competition (even from those who 'give it away') is NOT the
problem. The problem is creativity.

Your information does no good sitting on a shelf. Find a way to
package it and the way your customer wants it delivered and make
yourself a profit.

You cannot 'lock-up' content. Content is meant to be shared
and, if you can, make a profit from it in more ways than one.

Gabor Olah

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Charles, Many people have asked what's the secret to...

Hi Charles,

Many people have asked what's the secret to writing a
compelling sales letter that sells. Every communication you
send to customers or prospects should have a clear purpose -
and your sales letter is no different.

Now there's simply not enough space to go into detail
about every aspect of your sales letter, but below is a
brief summary of some of the major points you need to

Before sitting down to write a sales letter make sure you
are clear about the product or service you are offering,
the price, any bonus offers, whether there is a time limit,

Think from the point of view of the customer. What will
make them interested in your product or service?

Do not make the letter about you or your company. You will
not make sales by telling customers about the latest events
in your office or the history of your company's expansion.
The letter should be about the customer, their problems,
and how you can solve them.

Headlines are the most important part of a sales letter.
So it's important that you try to come up with at least
twenty different headlines and then select the best.

Generally headlines should be longer than 3 or 4 words,
but less than 17 words. Take a look at newspaper headlines
and other sales headlines for inspiration. Be specific. If
you have a figure of 37% then use it, do not say 'over
30%'. Do not exaggerate in your headline to get attention.
If it cannot be believed readers will not bother to look

When you first begin writing the main body of the letter
do not edit it as you write. Just write what you think is
the main, important message and do not stop to correct
spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If necessary stare
determinedly at the keyboard as you write, or better still
turn the monitor off on your PC.

The reason for this is that if you continually stop to
make corrections the words will not flow and the message
may become confused. Don't get me wrong, it's vitally
important to make sure that your final copy contains no
spelling mistakes. But this should be done once your first
draft is completed.

Avoid long sentences and paragraphs in your sales letter.
You want to make the letter as easy to read as possible and
the most effective way to do this to "trick the eye" by
creating whitespace.

You can do this by breaking the letter up into subheadings
that refer to the contents of the next section. Your
subheadings should give enough information for someone
skimming down the page to understand your offer.

Once you feel your letter is complete put it aside for a
while before reading through it again. You may spot
mistakes or areas of confusion that you didn't initially

If you cannot leave it for a period of time give it to
someone else to read. Ask them to skim through it to see if
they get the main points of the message. If they do they
can then read each sentence and give you their impression
of the letter.

Now as I mentioned at the start, this is only a very brief
summary on the steps you need to follow to create a sales
letter. While it's by no means a full-blown explanation, it
gives you a place to start.

I think if you want to get started immediately with great copy
for your web site or any other sales medium, you are better
off starting with a tested, proven step-by-step formula.

If you're serious about understanding the techniques
of sales persuasion on the web, I recommend
"Amazing Ad Copy Secrets" by Marlon Sanders:

Take a look at it. Give it a try.

I think you will be impressed.

Gabor Olah

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500
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Friday, October 24, 2008

"Free Report - The Bum List Builder Strategy"

Today I have an excellent free report for you:

Here are a few things covered by this report:

- The only way I recommend starting a mailing list with zero investment
- The reality of most free list building options
- What "the bait" is, why its important, and how you can create your own
- The right "speed" to start you article marketing plan
- The power of "carrots" in your click thru rates
- And much more...

Gabor Olah
Deri setany 2. 1/114
Bacs-Kiskun 6500

Charles G. Pedley BA MSEd
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Fwd: "SEO Education 101 Videos MRR + Unique Bonus!"

I just uploaded SEO Education 101 Videos
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"I will take you by the hand and show you
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entire process, from planning your website
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It's really that simple."


Fwd: Charles - Answers to yesteday's questions

1) How quick can one start making money when one is desperate?

I am going to jump right into this one first. That is a great
question, and contrary to all the hype you see online about
getting ric.h overnight, this is not a ge.t ric.h quick
business, although some people do get rich in a hurry. Some
really do. But it is an inconsistent business when you are
first getting started.

If you have a list or are promoting a product already, you
know that some days you only get 3 subscribers and some
you may get 100. Some days you do not sell anything, and
others you get four orders for $67 each. When you have 100
sales a day, then if it fluctuates by 10 sales daily it is
no big deal - one day you get 90, the next 100, the 110, etc,
and maybe down to 80 on another day.

But when you have a small list and only 100 visitors a day -
you get 1 one day, none the next, 2 the next day--not enough
to pay the bills.

So if you are really desperate, and you cannot afford to go a
few months without much income if it happens that way, then you
probably shouldn't be gambling on the internet to make you ric.h
fast. But if you are not so desperate that you can take a few
months and really learn the ropes, then maybe if you work really
hard you can build a business.

You see, I think that one of the biggest disservices online is
when someone sells something with the premise that if you will
just do this and this exactly like I have done it, then you will
get ric.h. What we can do online is show you what we have done,
so you can model it.

For example, if I share with 100 people the exact same methods
that I use, and tell you to go out and do the exact same thing,
what is going to happen? Have you ever gotten 7 of the exact
same email from 7 different lists that you are on?

The market simply becomes saturated with the one product
that is claimed to be the end all and be all. So all you can
really do is model what someone else is doing, who is

I hate to say this too, but I do not believe it is possible to
set up a true 'cookie cutter' online system. If you see a web
site that promises that all you have to do is promote that one
web site and you will get rich, I think that is bunk.

Sure, if you are one of 10 people promoting it, yes, maybe
you will make money. But if I sell the same web site to 1000
people, what happens? Nobody gets ric.h.

Think about this. I could sell my entire business. I could sell
all my articles, all my auto responder campaigns, and all my
squeeze pages. If I sold them to one person, he could do just as
well as I do with them. If I sold them to 2 people, maybe they
could do just as well. But what would happen if I sold them to
1000 people? You know the answer.

Here is another question I received: My biggest question is how
do I promote a site from scratch? I mean I don't know how to
make a link or exchange a link, or anything like that. My other
question is how do I link or put a link on another website?

There are many ways to do that, and I am currently writing a
book on how to build a huge list and I am including an in depth
study on how to drive traffic to your site so you can build a

But for today, I have a few questions for you.

Do you have a web site to promote?

If you do not, that is step one.

If you do have a website to promote, and you want to get links,
the easiest thing to do is to stop thinking about just getting
links for the sake of getting links.

Do this instead: write articles. Short articles that are full
of strong information. Like 350-500 words. At the very end of the
article, write something about yourself (a bio) and add a strong
call to action with a link to your website. Submit your article
to the top article directories like and If you have written something rational, almost
all of them will publish your article.

Two things happen.

1, People read your article. They like what you have to say
and click your link. That creates traffic.

2, The search engines pick up the link you placed in the bio
and give you credit for having links and increase your search
engine rankings.

I hope this has been helpful. Over the next few days I am going
to try to answer as many more questions as I can. I want to
strike a good balance between getting this info to you and not
inundating you with emails.

Again, send me your questions and I will answer as many as I can
(a lot of the questions that came in were variants on the same
question, so if I answer another question that is really similar
and the answer would be the same for both questions, I probably
won't address both - I am sure you understand!

Until next time,
Gabor Olah

PS. Red Hot Niche PLR Newsletter Packs:

more answers...

A few days ago I asked you what you wanted to know more about in
internet marketing, and the response has been overwhelming.

Here is another question and answer:

2) not having enough thorough guidance how to set up an internet
business .Somewhere along the line,one does get lost if you do not
have any internet knowledge of what you are doing -e.g. terminologies

I think that is a great question. It is so easy to get caught up in
the massive amount of knowledge that is floating around. If you are
like me, you get many emails everyday touting the latest newest
best program for getting ric.h online.

If you want to learn about getting started online and you go
surfing, you can spend hours, download thousands of pages of
information, read it all, and not be any further along than
you were when you started looking for information. You literally
get lost in the avalanche of information.

I advocate the KISS principle - keep it simple, stupid.

I believe there are two legitimate ways to make mo.ney
online: Create your own product and sell it, or find someone
else's product and sell it.

Either way you have to sell. Period. No way around it.

You might ask about all the multi-level and pyramid and 'just
invest 10 dollars and you will get millions in two weeks' programs.
Do you read scam? Move on. Do not pass go. Spend your money on a
dinner out.

To make real money online you must sell. Sell what you create or
sell what someone else creates. But you must sell. I really believe
that anyone that tells you differently is just downright not honest.

If you are just getting started, sell someone else's product.

Your game plan will look like this:

Start with just a squeeze page (web page with just a headline, 3
bullet points and an opt in box to collect names and emails)

Build a list.

Develop a relationship with your list. Teach them what you know,
however little it may be.

Recommend products to your list that you have used.

Once you have been building a list for awhile, and are comfortable
with it, and are regularly corresponding with it, begin to develop
your own product.

Once you have your own product, simply begin to promote it to your

You may have noticed that I recommend starting with a list, rather
than a sales page. Remember, if you are selling something for
someone else, you do not need a sales page.

By the way, never send traffic directly to an affiliate site.

Always sign them up to your list first. That way you can send that
same traffic to the site multiple times. If you send them directly
to a web site, and they do not buy, you have lost whatever you
spent on traffic.

I genuine hope this information helps, and if you still have
questions on this topic, please send them to me.