Sunday, October 26, 2008

People Buy For Their Reasons, Not Ours

Hi Charles,

I had a call recently from someone who said he's afraid to
market online because a lot of the information he wants to sell
is already available for free.

I have always said, and most experts agree, that, "People buy
for their reasons, not ours".

And that is true.

So how should we look at this problem with a winning attitude?

First, nothing EVER sells itself. Just because you have it on
your shelf or website, doesn't mean anyone will buy it. Even if
it's free, most people will treat it as 'free' and totally
under-value the information and possibly treat it as "worthless"
because they got it for free!


Listen carefully,


Got that? Read it again in case you flew by it and did not give
that sentence the respect it deserves.

Second, you better give your prospects EVERY REASON you can
think of to buy your product so they can pick the one's that
appeal most to them.

Third, NOTHING is really "FREE" anyway... (except maybe 'air').

Yes, there is a lot of FREE information on the Internet.

But, is it really FREE? Of course not.

In some cases it's already been paid for through advertising
dollars. In other cases it will still cost you TIME to search
for the information. TIME is even more valuable than money, if
you ask me- once it runs out you just can't make any more of it! can always make more money!

I suggested to my young inquirer that people value information
not just for the words alone, but also the way it is:

1. Delivered;

2. Formatted; and

3. Organized.

Some people like information delivered by ink on newsprint.

Some people like information delivered by sound waves from a
radio. Still others like to read information in magazines or
books or listen to information on audio tapes or read it on web

People like information delivered, formatted and organized in
many different ways, not just one or two.

The question he should be asking is: "Why should people buy my
information on the Internet, over all the other available ways
it's currently being delivered, formatted and organized?"

Competition (even from those who 'give it away') is NOT the
problem. The problem is creativity.

Your information does no good sitting on a shelf. Find a way to
package it and the way your customer wants it delivered and make
yourself a profit.

You cannot 'lock-up' content. Content is meant to be shared
and, if you can, make a profit from it in more ways than one.

Gabor Olah

Gabor Olah
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